09 Concussion

1. Proprioception


2. Research has shown that spinal manipulation can lead to lasting neuroplastic changes in:


3. Which of the following conclusions can be drawn from the study by Lelic et al 2016?


4. Some scientists believe that the subluxation represents a state of altered central segmental motor control that leads to:


5. Sensorimotor integration involves all of the following except


6. The ‘stroke study’ by Holt et al was a?


7. Which of the following statements is true with respect to neuroplastic changes?


8. If your brain is missing sensory information (e.g. visual information) what will it do?


9. In the ‘stroke study’ by Holt et al the authors reported what increase in plantarflexion strength following a single session of chiropractic care in stroke patients?


10. Which of the following types of receptors appears to play the most important role in sensorimotor integration?


11. This increase in strength mentioned in question 12 was thought to be?


12. According to Kandel and Schwartz multimodal integration is?


13. In the 2016 study by Lelic et al the changes in somatosensory processing that occurred following a session of chiropractic care occurred where in the cortex?


14. According to Kandel and Schwartz sensorimotor integration is?


15. The neuroplasticity model described by Haavik considers a vertebral subluxation to be?


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