Starting 2018, Brain Hub Academia will be providing the most comprehensive and integrated competency-based program in the area of vestibular neuro-rehabilitation.

Learners will be guided through a detailed immersion program of lectures, demonstrations, practicals, case-based learning and for the first time, live case presentations and work-up. A theoretical and practical exam is offered to provide certification in each program.

Those successful will be listed as a ‘preferred’ practitioner on our website under practitioner locator.

The course will assemble the very best in the field with Medicine, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Audiology, Psychology, Nutrition, research and associated experts in the area of Vestibular rehabilitation, whiplash and concussion healthcare. An integrative and collaborative approach between professions is provided.

Each program will explore

  • The neurophysiology foundations
  • Assessment and management with low-tech and high-tech tools
  • Adherence to best practice guidelines, whilst incorporating novel clinical applications from research
  • The latest research how it translates into practice
  • Case studies and live case presentations
  • Multidisciplinary approach and content provided by leading figures

Vestibular Neuro-Rehabilitation

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Whiplash and
Cervical Spine

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Concussion and

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