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  • It is suited to the new graduate or seasoned health care practitioner (Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, Audiologist, Occupational Therapist, Medical Practitioner, and Osteopath), with little or no experience in neurology and vestibular therapy
  • Its goal is to improve your clinical competency and outcomes for patients suffering dizziness, poor balance, whiplash, and concussion
  • Enjoy a hands-on and practical-orientated learning experience which integrates research, theory, and clinical applications so you can apply to your practice with confidence


  • Vestibular neurophysiology – the foundation in your understanding of findings and applications
  • History – learn what questions to ask and the interpretations of each to define the cause
  • Dizziness Conditions – Focus on most common conditions likely to present to clinic and be able to differentiate a central vs peripheral problem
  • BPPV – learn the subtle differences in presentations that help identify the affected canal and the most appropriate management
  • Vestibular Assessment – perform oculomotor, vestibular and balance (spinal) examination that provide the likely causes of dizziness
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy – Apply and integrate the examination findings to develop a tailored management protocol
  • Cervicogenic Pain and Dizziness – learn and apply contemporary sensorimotor and neuromotor protocols for patients suffering whiplash and chronic neck pain
  • Concussion – learn how to assess neurological, vestibular and orthopaedic symptoms following a concussion

Additionally, comprehensive seminar notes and handouts are provided, which are all sourced from contemporary, evidence-based and best practice guidelines.

NOTE: You’re registering for a online module, a professionally filmed and edited recording of our ‘Managing the Dizziness Patient’ seminar.

You will receive

  • 12 months online access to watch as many times as you want (you will need internet access to watch it)
  • 12.5 hours
  • download of full notes and clinical forms

Here is a short video from our Vestibular Assessment session, as an example of the high quality video on offer.