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This 12.5-hour introductory course will bring concussion into the spotlight. It’s aimed at improving the clinical competency of primary care practitioners, so they’re able to identify and manage patients that present with a concussion and related symptoms.

Whilst we may think of concussions only in the sporting arena, we see mild traumatic brain injuries as a result of whiplash injuries, falls, military services, and physical abuse.

Don’t have a single approach to assessment and management, get trained in the very latest research, guidelines and clinical applications.

In this module you will learn:

  1. Concussion relevance and risk factors – understand the incidence, position statements and who is at risk of suffering a concussion and experiencing prolonged effects
  2. Concussion neurophysiology and neuro-immune-metabolic consequences – the foundation in your understanding of findings and applications
  3. Vestibular Assessment and Management – appreciate nystagmus as it relates to concussion
  4. BPPV – learn the subtle differences in presentations that help identify the affected canal and the most appropriate management
  5. Oculomotor Assessment and Management – appreciate movement of the eyes and what they tell us about brain function, as well as a ‘window into therapy’
  6. Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy – Apply and integrate the examination findings to develop a tailored management protocol
  7. Balance and Gait Assessment and Management – measure the most common parameters of balance and use it for a tailored management
  8. Autonomic Dysregulation and Exercise Intolerance – understand and monitor sign of fatigue and exercise intolerance in your concussion patients
  9. Cervicogenic Assessment and Management – learn and apply contemporary sensorimotor and neuromotor protocols for patients suffering whiplash and chronic neck pain
  10. Cognitive Assessment – understand how working memory, visual and verbal memory are affected and how to test for it
  11. Return to Play – learn the guidelines for return to play, learn and work and how to tailor it to the individual
  12. All hands on practical workshop videos included.

Additionally, comprehensive seminar notes and handouts are provided, which are all sourced from contemporary, evidence-based and best practice guidelines.

Further details can be found on the Managing the Concussion Patient event page.

NOTE: You’re registering for a online module, a professionally filmed and edited recording of our ‘Managing the Concussed Patient’ seminar.

You will receive

  • 12 months online access to watch as many times as you want (you will need internet access to watch it)
  • 12.5 hours FLA
  • download of full notes and clinical forms
  • listed on our ‘Practitioner Locator’ page

All material is contemporary, evidence-based with best practice guidelines, along with guided hands-on practicals. Seminar notes and handouts provided.

Here’s a selection of short videos from the sessions, as examples of the high quality video on offer: