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This course explores the neurological influence and cause of spinal conditions including poor posture and scoliosis. Too often we consider a local or segment approach to managing musculoskeletal conditions, which may include soft tissue therapy, SMT, stretching, bracing, mirror exercises and similar.

Over the last 10 years, research has shown both an association and causation of various sensorimotor integration dysfunction in the development of scoliosis and poor posture. These include proprioception, vestibular, oculomotor, primitive reflexes and cortical regions as been involved.

In this course, we set out the neurophysiology and evidence linking poor brain function with spinal conditions. We explore the assessment and treatment of spinal conditions via vestibular neuro-rehabilitation approach, using low-tech and easy to implement tools and procedures.

This course is loaded with clinical gems and useful applications to better evaluate and offer brain-based therapies to improve patient outcomes

This course has 12 hours of content, including embedded video demonstrations.

Bonus A 1 hour live-recorded Q+A zoom call is also included, where we answer and address learners questions

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