The Brain Hub Academia Approach to Vestibular Neuro-Rehabilitation

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Brain Hub Academia aims to educate healthcare practitioners in the area of vestibular rehabilitation, by translating the latest evidence-based research and guidelines into clinical applications that are suited for all levels. The goal is to improve the clinical competency of practitioners and the outcomes of their patients suffering from dizziness, vertigo, whiplash, concussion, poor balance and chronic spinal conditions.

Brain Hub Academia provides its training via online and classroom environments, as well as offer introductory and competency-based certification programs to excel your knowledge. We’re confident there is a level of learning suited to your needs, as well the option of a hands-on or online experience to meet your demands.

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Looking at adopting an integrated brain-based approach, using the latest research, technology and sensorimotor integration clinical applications, You’re looking at updating your understanding in primitive reflexes, brain integration and connectivity, posture and movement, cognitive function, vestibular and oculomotor function.
We’ve assembled arguably one of the finest list of speakers within the vestibular rehabilitation field. International speakers including Prof Sue Whitney (University of Pittsburgh) and Prof Michael Schubert (The Johns Hopkins University), as well as home grown leaders with Prof Americo Migliaccio and Prof Stephen Lord. The conference is focussed on translating the latest research, much of which is undertaken by the presenters themselves, into usable clinical applications for better patient outcomes.